The Lady of Sirara


Film Genre Meme: comedy (1/5)

Excuse me! The last thing I need right now is some fruit who’s just proved himself straight tellin’ my ass how sexy I am!

But I’m a Cheerleader (1999)

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A Tale of Two Sisters

"Remember what I told you before? Remember when I said you’ll regret it some day."

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look at this cop-hating suffragette kitty 


look at this cop-hating suffragette kitty 

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"Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are."
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A Tale Of Two Sisters(dir. Kim Ji Woon)

In a direct reference to the original fairytale of Rose Flower and Red Lotus, Su-mi find a bloody package containing fish entrails in the fridge; a gory package which is clearly an allusion to the skinned dead rat in the original fairytale [x]

I’m a goddamn force of nature. I feel like I could do just about anything.

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“Ah, Arya. You have a wildness in you, child. ‘The wolf blood,’ my father used to call it. Lyanna had a touch of it, and my brother Brandon more than a touch. It brought them both to an early grave.” Arya heard sadness in his voice; he did not often speak of his father, or of the brother and sister who had died before she was born. “Lyanna might have carried a sword, if my lord father had allowed it. You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her.” 

“Lyanna was beautiful,” Arya said, startled. Everybody said so. It was not a thing that was ever said of Arya. 

“She was,” Eddard Stark agreed, “beautiful, and willful, and dead before her time.” 

A Game of Thrones, George RR Martin

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These gifs prove that bats are actually really cute

You can see the rest of them here

I think we could all do with seeing some adorable fuzzy bats right now.

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Bloody Fairy Tales ;  Little Red Riding Hood 

In the deep dark forest you will find a young, beautiful girl dressed in a cape the colour of fresh blood and the crimson moon. She lures travellers in, all scarlett smiles and longing looks. There’s a wolf, she whispers as you follow her further into the darkness, it has fur darker than the abyss, yellow eyes all the better to see you with and a big mouth with the sharpest teeth you’ve ever seen. You’re screaming and your blood is splattering the ground like spilt wine when you realise too late. She is the wolf. She is the big bad wolf in the deep dark forest and she has swallowed you whole.

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breaking news: evil feminist leader Anita Sarkeesian ruins gaming everywhere forever by saying “that’s pretty sexist, how about not doing that.”

nice guys everywhere are suffering. now they cannot beat up a hooker and steal her money without thinking “maybe this is sexist”. the american way has truly collapsed and our nation will never be the same. please take off your fedoras for a moment of silence.

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Film Genre Meme: horror (1/5)

Mother’s interrupted the course of our journey. She’s programmed to do that should certain conditions arise. They have. It seems that she has… intercepted a transmission of unknown origin. She got us up to check it out.

Alien (1979)

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Battle Royale // random screenshots

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