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John Scalzi gets it.

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They did some weird shit in these games really early on.


They did some weird shit in these games really early on.

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Chinese version of Rapunzel (Tangled)


Chinese version of Rapunzel (Tangled)

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"My family used to joke that only white people need therapy. Black people go to church instead, find remedies on their knees in prayer, sing their sorrows away. Meanwhile, white academics told me that African-Americans merely fabricated ungrounded stigma around psychiatric help. As absurd as these two viewpoints may sound, these myths actually point to a greater phenomenon.

As of 2012, 15% of the US American population without health insurance was African-American. Considering the role economic status plays in healthcare sheds light on the racial discrepancy with respect to treating mental illness. Many people with health insurance find that their companies don’t cover the cost of mental illness treatment, and those without any health insurance find themselves facing incredibly high prices to pay for medical care, or opting not to pursue treatment at all. These obstacles often lead Black folks in the states to “rely on family, religious and social communities for emotional support rather than turning to health care professionals, even though this may at times be necessary,” states NAMI’s fact sheet on African American Community Mental Health.

Even if able to pay for treatment, many Black folks encounter prejudices and biases from medical caregivers. Black people, especially Black men, are frequently misdiagnosed when it comes to mental illness. For example, most prominently in the 1960s, white doctors institutionalized Black men involved in civil rights protests (particularly in Detroit) on the grounds that the behaviors these men defended as political activism was really schizophrenic rage and volatility. Also, medical practitioners’ prescriptions sometimes reflect discriminatory and generally racial assumptions that Black people do not need as much medicine as white people. Studies conducted by the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health discovered that Black US Americans are 1.5 times as likely to be denied antidepressant treatment. No one wants tell you that the system is sick. No one wants to tell you that the healthcare system intentionally keeps historically marginalized groups like queer folks, and Black folks, and people who happen to find themselves at the intersection of queerness and Blackness sick."

To Be Queer, Black, and “Sick” | Autostraddle (via brutereason)

This is not a feel good article, but it NEEDS to be said. This is a huge problem, and part of the reason that I will never shame anyone for having self-diagnosed.

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I guess I had never thought of that. When I hear “self-diagnosed” I think of like… privileged kids who COULD go to a doctor but won’t because they think they’re too good/smart/whatever. But I guess most people who self-diagnose are people who don’t have the means to be officially diagnosed? It makes sense when I actually think about how ridiculously hard it is to get actual help in this country.



Truer words have never been spoken!

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Almond Joy Boston Cream Pie by Sugarhero


Almond Joy Boston Cream Pie by Sugarhero

GRRM and Dragonstone


You know, reading GRRM’s interviews, I find it really REALLY interesting how you see a lot of his own viewpoints reflected in a rather unlikely character (though perhaps it’s just because I often find myself reading a shitton on said character)

GRRM on Woodrow Wilson

 He was despicable on racial issues. He was a Southern segregationist of the worst stripe, praising D.W. Griffith and The Birth of a Nation… however… in terms of foreign affairs, and the League of Nations, he had one of the great dreams of our time. The war to end all wars – we make fun of it now, but God, it was an idealistic dream. If he’d been able to achieve it, we’d be building statues of him a hundred feet high, and saying, “This was the greatest man in human history: This was the man who ended war.” He was a racist who tried to end war. Now, does one cancel out the other? Well, they don’t cancel out the other. You can’t make him a hero or a villain. He was both. And we’re all both.”

Stannis Baratheon on human nature

A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad act the good. Each should have its own reward. You were a hero and a smuggler.

GRRM on religion

And as for the gods, I’ve never been satisfied by any of the answers that are given. If there really is a benevolent loving god, why is the world full of rape and torture? Why do we even have pain? I was taught pain is to let us know when our body is breaking down. Well, why couldn’t we have a light? Like a dashboard light? If Chevrolet could come up with that, why couldn’t God? Why is agony a good way to handle things?

Stannis Baratheon on religion

I stopped believing in gods the day I saw the Windproud break up across the bay. Any gods so monstrous as to drown my mother and father would never have my worship, I vowed. The Septon would prattle at me of how all justice and goodness flowed from the Seven, but all I ever saw of either was made by men.

GRRM on truth

Truth is sometimes hard to hear…

Stannis Baratheon on truth

The truth is a bitter draught at times…

And these are just three quotes off the top of my head, though IMHO, they do reflect some pretty big stances.

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Anonymous asked: "i don't understand why Linda hates so much lena. it's bc she doesn't like Cercei?? or like the majority of people can't saparate actor from character?? btw she dislike Natalie Dormer too lol does she hate/dislike other actors too?"




From what I can tell Linda thinks Cersei is undeserving of what I am going to call feminist admiration. She seems to think that people who get something out of Cersei’s abuse victim narrative are worth rolling her eyes at, and I don’t think she thinks highly of the whole sex-as-a-weapon thing. I’m not Linda (thank goodness) and I can’t know 100% what’s in her head but it seems to me she thinks Cersei is a woman who gets everything the wrong way and that because she does awful things, that means nobody ever does awful things to her. Hence, Robert never raped her in the books and Jaime never raped her in the show. I don’t know, she says she has all these rules about how being in certain kinds of relationships changes the rules for what defines rape, but … I mean, WTF is that XD Is that how “they” do things in Sweden? Because she’s pulled that “LOL I’m Swedish I CAN’T be sexist” thing before. I think she’s just kinda nutso stubborn.

And since Lena is someone who finds Cersei very interesting, Linda doesn’t have a high opinion of Lena. Moreover, Lena doesn’t slavishly defer to and deify the books. Linda seems to derive much of her identity and sense of importance from her appointed role as a guardian of canon. To her, GRRM’s words and intentions are law. She will never go against anything GRRM says and anyone who does, she regards as an entitled little girl (usually girls) who think way too highly of themselves. It’s hilarious to me because, for example, Michelle Fairley has also said that it’s the TV scripts that are her bible as an actor, not GRRM’s books. And Linda never picks on Michelle. Plus I am not aware that Lena has ever said anything negative about the books? So I don’t really get the difference, other than that to her, the annoying kind of Little Tumblr Girl is the kind who loves women with implausible (in her mind) weaponized sexuality like Cersei and Anne Boleyn. And maybe there’s some truth to that but what does that have to do with her behavior being at all reasonable?

Which brings me to Nat Dormer. I don’t think she likes show!Margaery because she thinks that show!Margaery’s cunning and apparently knowing decision to play the system is unrealistic to GRRM’s setting. Of course now in S4 it appears that Margaery is far less knowingly complicit in her social climb so maybe she hates Natalie’s Margaery less. But Natalie has also talked about how she likes the Anne Boleyn type character, how ambitious women are not necessarily bad women, etc. It’s just something about that type that I think offends Linda’s sense of realism (about a fantasy series … go figure …)

I don’t think she hates any guy actors, I’ve only seen her express disfavor for female actors. Especially Lena. Like, it’s fucking hilarious, you’d think Lena Headey ran over Linda Antonsson’s dog or grandmother or something. Her vendetta is so juvenile and embarrassing and not complimentary to but Linda seemingly has no sense of shame. Either that or she does it on purpose to rile up Little Tumblr Girls (another embarrassing vendetta for a grown-ass 40 something year old woman).

It’s hilarious because in her vindictiveness and dislike of other women she’s far more like Cersei than her own favorite character, Daenerys. It’s just hilarious. Don’t try to understand Linda, it’s not possible, just enjoy the train coming off the tracks I’m telling you it’s hilarious. I’m not in her head so my impression may obviously be off, but it’s not really worth devoting the time to Lindaaaaa’s psychology of all people, she’s not that important (she just wants to be).

Lindaaa hated the guy who played Xaro Xhoan Daxos because he was black I mean totally wrong for the character.

Lindaaa seems to hate or is apathetic towards all the female characters who aren’t Daenerys. She says Catelyn is too whiny, Cersei is evil incarnate, show!Margaery is too savvy (even though Margaery’s grandma is Olenna freaking Redwyne so she’s hardly some innocent babe in the woods…), Talisa is too dark to be Volantene, Ros sucks, and Ygritte is too tough.

Basically, unless it’s Daenerys or the Martells, she’s not interested.

Oh yeah, dude thanks for reminding me. I forgot, sorry, I take back what I said about her only disliking chicks.

I’m surprised that she likes the Martells, does she really like the Martells?

There’s a chat transcript somewhere between GRRM and his fans and Linda’s in it. Every other question out of her mouth is about Dorne. I’m trying to find the chat transcript now….

She also has a Second Life screencap on the roleplaying section of her and Elio’s website that shows who I believe is supposed to be Oberyn and Ellaria having sex.

ETA: Here are the transcripts:



"You know, I’ve heard there were people who could charm bees—I’ve just never seen it done, before today. You’re just a bee charmer, Idgie Threadgoode. That’s what you are. A bee charmer.”

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"She’s the best friend I ever had and I love her."

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Anonymous asked: "hi there. sorry to bother you, but i just want to point out that men are sexually harassed and raped too, and nobody really bats an eye at it. that's not equality. i am a man and was sexually assault for years and it took a while for something to be done about it since i was a man and the assaulter was a woman. i dont mean to be a bother, im not trying to cause problems, im just pointing out that this whole rape and sexual harassment thing isnt as one-sided as everyone makes it out to be."






I am sorry you had to go through that experience.  I am fully aware that men can be assaulted too but the focus of this blog is feminism and women.  Although it does happen to men, yes it is mostly “one sided” as the statistics show that the overwhelming majority of sexual assaults on men and women are by other men.  You also have to think about why it is men are not taken seriously when they report an attack.  We are constantly told that women are weaker, meek,  less sexual.  We are led to believe that men have high sex drives and could never be taken advantage of by a woman.  It is not feminism that is promoting that image, feminism is trying to destroy those images.  If you want to promote awareness in regards to men as victims of sexual assault, more power to ya, but do not come onto a blog run by women, some of which have been sexually assaulted, and tell me that men get raped too.  We know, but this blog is not for men. 

Lol men aren’t taken seriously because you believe that men are the overwhelming majority of rapists and have also monopolized sexual assault, domestic abuse and rape as a “women’s issue” in the dominant narrative

the dissonance is amazing

also i find it hilarious that you fake some kind of compassion for this victim when your blog title is literally “shut the fuck up mens rights activists” as if fighting sexual assault is a gender war and not a war on fucked up people

Ya know I was going to respond to this with some fact but then I saw the blog name and blog of the above person that responded and lol no.

Refute the BS anyway so the blogger can’t whine about you using “ad hominem only”

Im on mobile. I’ll come back to this tomorrow unless any if you lovely followers feel like it.

It is my unconditional opinion that women can never rape men, for the simple reason that sex is a female resource. Sex is obviously something women have and men want, and any man claiming to be raped by a woman is not a reasonable person and cannot be taken seriously. It is the height of arrogance to claim a woman raped you and as a man whose life has been ruined by involuntary celibacy I find it incredibly offensive. Nobody who takes the concept of the female rapist seriously is a friend of mine.

— MRA, Eivind Berge

Should I be called to sit on a jury for a rape trial, I vow publicly to vote not guilty, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the charges are true.
— MRA, Paul Elam

I’d give anything to know Hugo dropped the soap in prison and got sodomized so often that he contracted HIV or an incurable STD and lost bowel control because of how many times he had been repeatedly sodomized. After all, why should his not being raped be more valuable than that of any ordinary inmate who doesn’t denigrate almost all other men for not being feminist enough?
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